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How can this website help my child?

Welcome to Teach Kids Reading: an informational website created by South Lyon Reading Success. South Lyon Reading Success offers reading specialist tutoring and support (for parents and caregivers of developing readers and writers) in the South Lyon, Walled Lake, Brighton, Wixom, New Hudson and Novi (Michigan) area. Even if you are not living in the South Lyon Reading Success area, you can still use the information here to help diagnose and correct reading problems for your child. On the menu (above) you will discover a simple 3 step process anyone can use to identify and resolve many types of problems in reading. Follow these steps in order. This will ensure that you have all the information needed to move towards solutions that fit the needs of your unique learner.

The goal of this website is to empower parents and caregivers with the tools needed to address the individual needs of learners. This site will help you evaluate the needs of your child and strike a balance between approaches that will help address these needs. The reading prescription for one child will not match the prescription for another. This website will help you answer the question, “What does my unique learner need in order to achieve reading success?”

How can I help correct my child's reading problems?

Go to Step 1: Diagnose to learn about the types of problems your child may be having in reading.

Go to Step 2: Prescribe to write a prescription for addressing your child's reading problems.

Go to Step 3: Correct to learn about reading approaches that will correct your child's reading problems.

Or, visit to learn more about reading and writing tutor services in the South Lyon, Walled Lake, Brighton, Wixom, New Hudson and Novi (Michigan) area.

Discover what the experts have to say about balanced literacy, whole language instruction, phonics instruction and other reading approaches using the Research tab on the menu. Use what you learn to find instructional solutions that strike the balance needed for your child’s situation. Don’t be afraid of what you don’t fully understand. You can learn more and help your child learn more too.

Consider digging deeper as you navigate the site menu. Along with the information provided, you will find links to other sources. Take the time to become more knowledgeable, especially if information is pertinent to your learner’s unique reading prescription. Click on the links and ensure that you fully understand the information and make the best choices possible.

Remember that there’s always more to learn. One website cannot contain all the possibilities available for meeting your child’s needs. When you find that your prescription isn’t correcting a particular problem it’s time to learn more. This site is just a launching pad, not a final destination. Get out there and dig deeper when it is necessary.

Remember to partner with your child’s teacher, school personnel and other professionals as you work to understand your child’s reading needs. While it is good to evaluate your child’s reading problems, it is best to work towards solutions with all the resources possible. Ask for help as you seek to find out more.

Should I seek professional help?

Some reading problems need to be addressed with extensive professional support. While a partnership between parents, caregivers and teachers is part of the prescription for correcting reading problems, this powerful partnership may not be enough. If a child’s reading problems are not improving at a reasonable rate, or if he/she is reading substantially below grade level, it may be time to seek the help of a reading specialist. Visit to learn more about reading specialist services in the South Lyon, Walled Lake, Brighton, Wixom, New Hudson and Novi, Michigan Area. A reading specialist can help you determine whether you might need to request a Child Study for your learner. For more information on requesting a Child Study, check out the Child Study tab on the menu. You can also speak with your child’s teacher, school personnel and other professionals to determine the next step for your learner. It is important that parents and caregivers use all the resources available to help a child who is falling behind, has a reading disability or is struggling in reading.

Teach Kids Reading .Com strongly urges you to seek professional counsel with respect to your child’s learning needs. Teaching Kids Reading .Com strongly urges you verify the information provided by the links, content and resources on this site though the proper professional channels. This website is not designed to give you final answers on how to meet, or advocate for, your learner’s educational needs. Use it as a springboard for learning more about how to best meet the needs of your child. Always talk to your child's teacher and school personnel to get help for your child. They are your biggest resource, greatest advocate and best avenue for getting your child the help he/she needs.


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